There is a whole person attached to every tooth
There is a whole person attached to every tooth
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E-Book "There is a whole person attached to every tooth" from the holistic dentist Dr. Dirk Schreckenbach is a description to understand the connections between teeth and whole body.

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The E-Book "There is a whole person attached to every tooth" You can ONLY BUY HERE

E-Book There is a whole person attached to every tooth

This is the English E-Book version of the first book best-seller from the holistic dentist and naturopathic practitioner Dr. Dirk Schreckenbach.

  • This book wants to give and point out an idea of the viewpoint of holistic

         dentistry and linkages of teeth.

  • This book would like to make it possible for the reader to find an

  • easy entrance into the interlaced way of thinking of the nature

  • welfare procedures.

  • This book wants to be a description for the understanding of the

  • great connections of the teeth with the total organism wake.

  • This book wants to sensitize the reader for handling itself and its teeth.

  • This book wants to show the holistic connections and from it the

  • resulting - Consequences.

  • This book wants to help to make decisions.

  • This book would like to help you to see your therapists as a partner.

  • This book would like to become your companion.


With his first book the dentist and naturopathic practitioner Dirk Schreckenbach wants to give a first view of holistic dentistry. The book was written for patients and for colleagues as well.

It is drawn up consciously in a simple particularly language understandable for the layman and explained, which effects sick teeth could have on the health of humans, its organs and its psyche. Exactly the same also the reverse connections, i.e. the consequences of a physical or mental-mental problem for the teeth are represented.

In the book different supplementing diagnostic and therapy procedures are described and explained on the basis of case examples from the practice of connections descriptive. Charts and designs supplement and illustrate besides the texts. In the book the reader finds among other things a chart of the connections between teeth and organs.

For each interested reader suitably, the book captivates almost exciting style by the maintenance seed. Whether now from the research of puzzling corpse poisons, to which dead teeth adheres (P. 102/103), is chatted, or whether over the poison effect of amalgam (P. 104) or over denture, crowns, implants, withdom teeth, pain therapy, as well as mental health connections (S.49) is doziert, always we meet the competent knowledge of the author.

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